Screenshots of the GameBlowAway is a collaborative computer game in which up to 6 players work together to control the movement of a balloon. They must collect items and avoid enemies across four different islands.

The game uses an innovative physical interface; players use custom-built sensors, located around table, to move the balloon over the game landscapes.

While the game is loyal to many of the conventions of traditional computer games, it breaks others, facilitating physical, collaborative and gender-neutral play.

How it works



Playing the game Playing the game Playing the game
Playing the game Inputs


November 2005:
Our game has was exhibited at the NEXT05 festival, organised by Innovatrion Lab, and held in Copenhagan on the 24th and 25th of November.

July 2005:
Dr Alexander K Nischelwitzer, along with his students in the JOANNEUM University of applied Sciences, Austria have built upon the research we did, and created their "TeamTable".

June 2005:
The BlowAway team went over to Chicago to display our project at Wired magazine's NextFest 2005 in Navy Pier. Yay! It was tiring, and a lot of work, but a great experience.
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May 2005:
We took part in Exhibit8: New Frontiers in Gaming, held by The Digital Hub.

November 2004:
Blowaway was nominated for the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award and we, along with our table, packed up and went to Vienna. We met some great people and had an amazing time. Read more about Operation Betsy, how we got the project to Vienna for the Awards.

October 2004:
Blowaway on display at the DCU Multimedia graduate showcase, MM04