My Friends:
We've sailed forth to tell of Moslow
The evil rascal who plagues us all now
Your help is what we really need
To rid us of his evil deed

Here, in Therslow, there lived a boy
Who did nothing but hate and destroy
For his mischief and cunning
He was banished, sent running
And the people they jumped up with joy!

Now Moslow fled to the skies
Where he raged and bawled out his eyes
As he strove to recover
He turned to discover
An army of bees, birds and flies.

Together they plotted and ployed
The revenge that would be enjoyed
Their eyes rose at the sight
As they screamed with delight
"The sun, it must be destroyed!"

They bagged and captured our friend
Now the sunlight will come to an end
Tattered and shattered
By the wind she was scattered
The sun, you must help us to mend.

Now night has taken the day
We have summoned you here to say
All together there's hope
We can lift this dark cloak
If everyone's willing to play.

We have built a hot air balloon
As large and round as the moon
You must travel the land
Over sea, stone and sand
And bring the sun back to us soon!

Some advice I offer you here
You must all work together to steer
The sun's rays you seek
Broken up they grow week
Together they will shine clear

Goodbye my friends, and good luck
Time for the balloon to fly up
While you're flying about
Be careful, watch out!
For clouds and creatures, and such