Shown here are 3 players on one side of the table. In their hands, they are holding the sensors you blow into. At the bottom of the image is part of the display, where the game is projected.


Instead of using joysticks, or joypads, players blow on custom built sensors which allows them to control the game.

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The game is normally played in a dimly lit environment.
Up to 6 people can play the game at a time.

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Two people playing. If 6 people are playing, they get a sensor each, when less people are playing, some players will use different sensors when needed.

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When players blow, a small propeller which is connected to a sensor spins. The sensor detects this movement, and converts it to speed, sending the data to the computer.
The final sensors have a guard, which prevents the players tampering with the device, and makes the game more hygienic.