The 5 members of our team boast a variety of talents. This allowed us to effectively pool our resources when creating the project.

Team Photo

Kevin Cannon

KevinArmed with soldering iron, and a determination to learn how to use it, Kevin adopted the role of hardware guy for the project. Scouring electronics websites, and spending hours in Maplins were just some of his duties.

Links: Hardware, Photos, Personal website

Nicola Kavanagh

NickyNicky took on the role of designing all the physical elements of the project. During the course of the project she discovered a new found love of power tools and DIY stores, though she swears otherwise.

Links: Table Design Pics

John Lynch

JohnProgrammer extraordinaire, John can now talk to you for hours about tiling engines and imaging lingo. Putting in long hours, and cracking the whip when the rest of us slacked off, the honorable Mr. Lynch put in a sterling performance on the project.

Links: Software, Personal Website

Therese Veale

ThereseTherese was the chief designer for the project. From painting room-sized landscapes on the floor of her kitchen to breathing (bad pun!) life into rainclouds and stormclouds, it's hard to imagine how she still found time to defend her work from the ever-present threat of bit-reduction for performance!

Links: Concept Art, Screenshots

Ciarán Vipond

CiaránOur musical maestro, Ciarán wrote the score for the music, created all the sound FX, as well as offering his vocal talents for the voiceover of our little promo video. He even managed to twist the arm of his wonderful mother to provide the voice for our heroine, the Princess of Therslow.

Links: Audio